Roll of Honour


Abychat Roll of Honour


UK Gr Ch Abychat Jackthelad

Gr Ch Abychat Nijinsky (1st Abyssinian to gain his grand title in 3 straight shows)

Gr Ch Abychat Akhenaten

Fife Ch Abychat Anastasia

Aceinthepack (500x308)

Fife Ch Norsechat Aceinthepack

TICA GC Abychat Mr Bojangles (Granded at 8 months)

Tica DGC Abychat Kissmekate

Abychat Missteak Finaled in 4 out of 6 rings as a kitten


Photo Copyright Alan Robinson

Gr Ch Norsechat Ladyinred

Ch Abychat Golden Girl

Abychat Amysangel – BIS Foreign Exhibit at North West Show (05) -aged 4 months. (2 CCs)

Tica DGC Abychat Bobby’s Girl – BIV and BIS kitten at her 1st FB Show

Tica QGCA Abychat Imhotep


Photo Copyright Alan Robinson

Gr Ch Abychat Boltoutoftheblue

Ch Abychat Blue Demon (1 Reserve Grand)

Ch Abychat Blue Vittori ( 2 Grands)

Ch Abychat Blue Scherzando

Ch Abychat Forgetmenot Blue

Ch Abychat Ticketyblu

Gr Ch Norsechat Onceinabluemoon

Gr Pr Abychat Mozart

Gr Pr Abychat Almost Blue

Pr Abychat Timon ( 1 Grand,1 reserve Grand)

Int Ch Norsechat Showstopper

GC Abychat Blue Thunder

Tica Ch Abychat Chantillylace


Fife Int Ch Abychat Solomon

Ch Abychat Abracadabra

GC Abychat Honeycomb (1st fawn aby to become a GCCF Grand Champion)

GCCF Ch and Fife Gr Int Ch Norsechat Bobbydazzler BIS kitten ACA show 2005 Overall BIS ACC show 2005 (1 Grand)

PR Abychat Mirage BIS Foreign Neuter Manchester and District Show (05)

Ch Abychat Pinkchampagne

Abychat Luckbealady

GCCF Ch Abychat Queserasera


TICA Double GC Abychat Lilac Lullaby – 1st Lilac Aby Grand Champion in the UK

Ch Abychat Moonshadow ( 1st chocolate series male to gain a title in GCCF)

Abychat Aphrodite (23d) 9 Merits

Abychat Alexander (23d) 4 Merits

Abychat Temmincki (23d) 4 Merits

Abychat Abracadabra (23d) 2 Merits

Abychat Mamamia (23d) 5 Merits and 3 ICs

Abychat Lilac Artemis (23d) 1 Merit

Abychat Savanna (23b) 1 Merit

Abychat Chockoholik (23b) 1 Merit

Tica Ch Abychat Chocolat of Alexy – 1st Tica Chocolate Champion

Tica Ch Abychat Lilac Ambassador of Alexy – 1st Tica Lilac Champion

Abychat lilac Liberty 3 ICS

Abychat Lilac Saffi 3 ICs

Abychat Pumba 3 ICs

Abychat Lilac Lullaby 2 ICs

Not forgetting our own

Quintillion Calliope (23d) 2 Merits, 3 ICs – 1st Lilac aby to gain 3 ICs!

Thanks to all their judges and their owners for campaigning these cats

A Special mention to our cat of courage and super mum: Abychat Leelia (23)

We are equally proud of the many cats we have sold as pets who have given their owners much pleasure. Here are just some of the many photos we have been sent by proud owners!