Abychat History

Alanjan Arabis (23cs)

Alanjan Arabis (23cs)

It all started in the late 1970s. My parents saw an advert for 1/2 Abyssinians in our Local Paper. They brought home a handsome male kitten – Thomas. Thomas was typically Abyssinian; many people described him as a tabby Abyssinian. Unfortunately Thomas died tragically at a young age. Shortly after his death, my father saw an advert in the Yorkshire Post for Abyssinian Kittens. He visited local breeder Peggy Mercer and brought home a Usual female – Woldgate Pollyflinders (Abigail). Two days later he returned for her Sorrel sister Woldgate Cinderella (Annabel). My parents originally had no intention of breeding, but friends kept asking when Abigail and Annabel were going to have kittens.

It snowballed from there. Annabel and Abigail went to stud in Sunderland. A Blue and a Fawn female Barentu Marina and [Barentu Candytuft joined the household. Shortly afterwards our first stud Alanjan Arabis (23cs) was purchased from Alan and Janet Robinson. For some years the Abychat prefix was more closely associated with breeding Silvers, Blues, and Fawns.

Woldgate Cinderella

Woldgate Cinderella with the 1st litter of Abychat kittens

In the late 1980s my mother met the well respected Abyssinian Judge and Breeder Miss Iris Wiseman. Iris became her mentor, and together they developed a breeding programme to improve all colours of Abyssinians (but in particular the Non – championship colours). This had a significant impact on Abychat Abyssinians. Results from this programme include: Ch Abychat Blue Demon, Gr Ch Abychat Nijinsky, Gr Pr Abychat Mozart, Int. Ch Abychat Soloman.

Iris gave my mother a blue queen – Contented blue Serenade. Her lilac father Adraysh Prince Valiant went to live in Sweden shortly after she was born. Sadie carried the Chocolate gene, and in her first litter produced a handsome Lilac boy Abychat Hercules. This started a great interest in Chocolate and Lilac Abyssinians and a desire to see them gain Championship Status.

Unfortunately, my mother developed cancer. She did not live to see the full results of this breeding programme. It was her dying wish that I took over her breeding and prefix. She particularly asked that I see the Chocolate and Lilacs through to Championship status. I have taken her lines, put her knowledge into practice, and introduced new blood lines. Abychat Abyssinians are not only known for breeding the newer colours, but also for breeding top quality Usual and Blue Abyssinians.

2004 proved to be an exciting year for Abychat Abyssinians. In May 2004 my American import boy CFA CH Alexy’s Amenhotep arrived. I also purchased a usual queen from Yvonne and Peter Barnes – Makeitso Mata Hari – she has a wonderful outcross pedigree, with English, American, Scandinavian, European, and Australian lines.

2005 also proved to be an eventful year. Our stunning young fawn boy Ch Norsechat Bobbydazzler was BIS kitten at the ACA show and overall BIS at the ACC show. His father Alexy’s Amenhotep gained enough points from one show to become a TICA Grand Champion. We welcomed Riverfern Puddle Jumper and Riverfern Femme Fatale to bring new blood lines – thanks Val! We also kept a sorrel daughter of Mata Hari and Bobby Abychat Amysangel – Angel at first show (aged 4 months) became Best in Show Foreign.

2006 brought some surprises. We said goodbye to Bobby as he headed off to Sweden . Lullaby mated to a Handsome Australian Import – Merindalee Reddy To Rumble – we kept the Chocolate girl from the litter. She then went on to make history by becoming the 1st Lilac Grand Champion in the UK. Mr Bojangles at the same Tica show also became a Grand Champion at 8 months. His sister at the end of the year became a Tica Champion.

2007 saw 3 new imports bringing new blood lines. Our show successes were with TICA – Kate, Bobbys Girl and Lullaby all became double grand champions. Cara Mia produced a lovely litter with 2 chocolates and a lilac (we kept the pretty chocolate girl and the lilac boy).

2008 was a quiet year, but finally we got news that chocolate band lilac Abyssinians were to be granted Championship status in GCCF.

2009 was a year of mixed fortunes. Abychat Amysangel went to the vets for a c- section, the vets discovered a massive tumour. We brought home Angel’s 2 kittens, sadly we lost the girl at 3 days but the little fawn boy grew strong being hand fed. Magnificat has grown into a handsome boy and he is a credit to Angel. We said a final goodbye to 2 of our old boys Charley and Khan. Kate mated to GC Abychat Boltoutoftheblue and we kept one of the beautiful girls.